ENVIRONMENT: Membranes for flexible biogas and water storage systems.

ENVIRONMENT: Membranes for flexible biogas and water storage systems.

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of coated membranes for biogas storage and roofs for emission reduction, SATTLER PRO-TEX offers technical fabrics for a wide range of applications: from lightweight Type I inner membranes for gas storage to heavy Type IV outer membranes.

SATTLER PRO-TEX biogas membranes are so called MLCs (Multi-Layer-Composites) whose components and structure are designed to meet the requirements of the biogas industry. Compared with common PVC-coated tarpaulins, biogas membranes guarantee reduced methane permeability and high chemical resistance.

The structural core of the membrane consists of high-strength polyester yarns that carry the static forces of a building. The polyester woven base cloth stabilized and protected by multiple layers of PVC, especially developed for biogas applications. The surface of the membrane is then sealed with a specific lacquer.
As a result, the biogas membranes by SATTLER PRO-TEX offer the lowest possible biogas permeability, high resistance to aggressive substances contained both in the biogas and the condensate, as well as excellent weathering resistance and long lifespan.

SATTLER PRO-TEX biogas membranes are easily recognizable thanks to their embossing. Our fabrics are available in different tensile strengths, with or without flame-retardant finish. Our products are constantly evolving to incorporate new developments. One of these is our “anti-browning” feature, which significantly reduces the brownish discoloration of the membranes in biogas plants.

Supply of drinking water has highest priority in case of environmental disasters or other crisis. Flexible tanks guarantee quick supply and swift transport options for clean drinking water. SATTLER PRO-TEX membranes are certified according to the German ordinance on drinking water (KTW) and are approved for drinking water applications.

The sturdy membranes for industrial water by SATTLER PRO-TEX allow for manifold solutions to store and transport water in flexible tanks, be it for agricultural and industrial applications or in emergency situations.



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