STRUCTURES: Membranes for tensile architecture.

STRUCTURES: Membranes for tensile architecture.

Visual simplicity, fascinating spatial and light effects, unconventional, curved shapes and expressiveness – all these features characterize buildings covered with technical textiles.

Virtually no other form of construction offers such individuality and design opportunities. No other architectural solution covers such large spans with such a minimal use of materials and energy as tensile fabric structures.
Technical textiles are characterized by high translucency and flexibility, as well as a low surface weight matched by excellent tensile strength. Tensile membranes are both a crucial design element and an indispensable part of the building, as the artificially induced pre-stress to the fabric helps to withstand heavy loads and support the whole structure.
In combination with supporting features such as tension cables and steel structures, PVC-coated membranes can be used to create an almost unlimited number of unique curved shapes.

With the product line “STRUCTURES ”, Sattler PRO-TEX offers a wide range of high-quality, multi-purpose membranes developed for the challenging field of tensile architecture. In addition to standard fabrics, we also offer coated membranes customized to specific project requirements.


ATLAS Architecture - Aesthetics, strength and durability

Getting inspiration from the Greek mythology and its influence on architecture in all its regular and beautiful forms, we created the aesthetic ATLAS membranes.

Brighter: ATLAS Architecture membranes are whiter membranes with an even surface and an elegant look thanks to the unique ATLAS base fabric.

Stronger: Thanks to its incredible power, the Titan ATLAS held up the celestial heavens and thus protected the world. This endurance and strength is also a feature of the ATLAS membranes. The higher tensile strength and the better elastic performances come from the higher yarn density of the base cloth.

For Longer: The power of the Titans is also reflected in the ATLAS coating. The new lacquers with tintaniumdioxide allow us to offer longer guarantees.


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