HALLS AND TENTS: fabrics for halls and tents, tensile structures, sun and weather protection.

HALLS AND TENTS: fabrics for halls and tents, tensile structures as well as sun and weather protection.

For more than 145 years, the Sattler Group has been manufacturing outdoor textiles which protect humans and goods against weathering. Tents and tensile constructions are lightweight and versatile structures that include both temporary and retractable applications, used for protection and for industrial or commercial purposes.

The fields of application of the product line “HALLS & TENTS” range from classic event tents, through to sport halls and industrial warehouses, and on to applications for sun protection and circus tents.
With this product line, we offer a wide range of high-quality, flexible and innovative PVC-coated fabrics, developed to meet the technical requirements of a broad array of applications.

Just to name a few examples:

Our foamed membranes offer up to four times better thermal insulation compared to conventional tarpaulins. Additionally, our acoustic absorption foam allows not only noise insulation, but also reduces the formation of condensation and the heat transfer alike.

We are also very proud of our highly translucent fabrics. For their development, we focused on the use of natural light indoors. The translucency of the fabric allows a huge amount of sunlight in, thus reducing the need for artificial lightning during daylight hours and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the building. Translucent membranes can be used for architectural applications as a special design feature: the indoor environment is lit by natural light during the day, while artificial light creates special lighting effects on the outside of the building at night.


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